$1/$2 NLH $8 PER HOUR 9AM-12PM

NTSOP Seniors Event

NTSOP Seniors Event

Thursday Nov 16 At 11:00 am

Buy-in: $300
GTD Prize Pool: $10,000
Starting Chips: 40,000

Level Time: 30 min

Players must be 50 years of age or older.

The Seniors Event at the NTSOP offers a splendid opportunity for the seasoned poker enthusiasts to showcase their skills. With a buy-in of $300, the event promises a generous Guaranteed Prize Pool of $10,000, ensuring that the stakes are as exciting as the competition. Participants are greeted with a substantial starting stack of 40,000 chips, providing plenty of play and the chance to strategize deep into the game.

Each level spans 30 minutes, striking the perfect balance between rapid action and ample time for thoughtful play. Scheduled for Thursday, November 16th, the event begins at the prime time of 11AM, allowing for a full day of poker enjoyment. It’s a special occasion that celebrates the wisdom and experience that come with age, as all players are required to be 50 years or older. This event is not just about the thrill of the win, but also the camaraderie and respect for the enduring spirit of the game among its most seasoned aficionados. Whether you’ve been playing for decades or have recently discovered your passion for poker, the Seniors Event is the perfect arena to prove that skill and experience are ageless virtues.

Game Type: No Limit Hold-em