$1/$2 NLH $8 PER HOUR 9AM-12PM


NTSOP – Pot Limit Omaha

Monday November 13 At 2:00 pm

Buy-in: $300
GTD Prize Pool: $10,000
Starting Chips: 35,000

Level Time: 30 min

As the North Texas Series Of Poker gallops forward, The Fort Card Room cordially invites you to ante up in the Pot Limit Omaha Event, an exhilarating convergence of strategy and chance. On November 13th, when the clock strikes 2 PM, the cards will fly and the pots will swell in this pulse-pounding poker showdown.

With a $300 buy-in, the stakes are as spirited as a Wild West standoff. The air will be electric with anticipation as players begin with a generous stack of 35,000 chips, setting the stage for a saga of bluffs, bold plays, and thrilling turnarounds. The action never slows down with 30-minute levels that keep the game moving faster than a mustang across the prairie.

What’s more, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000, the promise of glory and gold looms large, beckoning players to the felt where fortunes are forged. This isn’t just any card game; it’s a Pot Limit Omaha event where legends come to play, stories unfold, and the lucky and the skilled ride off into the sunset with their winnings.

Join us at The Fort Card Room, just a stone’s throw from Fort Worth, Texas, where the spirit of poker is alive and well. Don your hats and hold your cards close – it’s time to make your mark in the NTSOP. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious newcomer, this event is your chance to be part of Texas poker history.

Game Type: Pot Limit Omaha High