$1/$2 NLH $8 PER HOUR 9AM-12PM

NTSOP Monster Stack NLH

NTSOP Monster Stack NLH

Thursday Nov 16 At 4:00 pm

Buy-in: $200
GTD Prize Pool: $10,000
Starting Chips: 50,000

Level Time: 30 min

Step right up to the felt for the Monster Stack No Limit Hold-em event, a thrilling highlight of the North Texas Series Of Poker, where the stakes are as grand as the legends of the Wild West! This showdown takes place on Thursday, November 16, starting at the prime time of 4 PM. With a modest buy-in of just $200, you’re given the chance to sit at the table with a towering stack of 50,000 in chips, offering ample play and strategic depth to your game.

This event isn’t just about the size of the stack but also the enormity of opportunity, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 that’s ripe for the taking. Each level in this game lasts a suspenseful 30 minutes, ensuring a dynamic pace to the game that’s as unpredictable as a Texas twister.

No Limit Hold-em is the game of choice, offering the purest poker experience where skill, strategy, and a little bit of that cowboy boldness can lead you to victory. Whether you’re in it to take on the challenge, to experience the thrill of the game, or to claim your piece of the prize, the Monster Stack No Limit Hold-em event at the NTSOP is your chance to make a mark and ride off into the sunset with more than just a tale to tell. So, mark your calendars, polish your poker faces, and prepare to go all-in at the Fort Card Room—where poker legends are born.

Game Type: No Limit Hold-em