$1/$2 NLH $8 PER HOUR 9AM-12PM

NTSOP Mystery Bounty

NTSOP $50K GTD Mystery Bounty NLH

Buy-in: $500
GTD Prize Pool: $50,000
Starting Chips: 50,000

Level Time: 30 min/40 min Day2

Dates And Times

Fri November 10, 12:00 pm
Sun November 12, 12:00 pm

Start times listed are for Day 1A and Day 1B. Day 2 starts at 1PM on Sunday

Strap on your poker boots and join us at The Fort Card Room for the most thrilling ride in North Texas—the Mystery Bounty No Limit Hold’em Tournament! Gallop your way to NTSOP victory in an event where fortunes can change with the turn of a card. With a hearty buy-in of $500 and a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000, this is your chance to lasso a hefty payday.

Day 1A kicks off at high noon on Friday, November 10th, with Day 1B following suit on Saturday. Survivors will return to the arena on Day 2, Sunday, at 1 PM for the final showdown. Every sharpshooter making it to Day 2 will have a mystery bounty on their head, ranging from $100 to a whopping $5,000! And here’s the kicker: the bounties are a secret as hidden as a rattlesnake in the brush. Draw an envelope at your convenience on Day 2, and whatever cash prize rustles out is yours to keep, no bluffing necessary.

The game is the tried-and-true No Limit Hold-em, with a brisk 30-minute level time on Day 1 to keep the action fast-paced like a mustang sprint. The clock slows down to a strategic 40-minute level on Day 2, giving you the time to outwit and outplay. And don’t fret none about short stacks: every player starts with a generous 50,000 in chips, giving you plenty of ammo to battle it out for the top spot.

Don your best cowboy hat, practice your poker face, and prepare for an unforgettable experience where your fate is sealed by the draw of an envelope. It’s not just a game; it’s the Mystery Bounty No Limit Hold’em at The Fort Card Room—where poker meets wild west adventure. Will you be the one to claim the richest bounty?

Game Type: No Limit Hold-em