$1/$2 NLH $8 PER HOUR 9AM-12PM

Friday Midday Freezout Tournament At The Fort Card Room

Friday Freeze

Fridays At 1:00 pm

Buy-in: $100
Starting Chips: 20,000

Level Time: 20 Min

Kickstart your weekend with a bang at The Fort Card Room, situated minutes away from downtown Fort Worth in scenic Aledo, TX. Every Friday, step into the exciting world of the Friday Freeze tournament, a hotspot for No Limit Hold-em enthusiasts looking for an afternoon of strategy and skill.

With a $100 buy-in granting you a substantial 20K starting chip stack, the stage is set for an exciting day of poker. But be warned – there are no rebuys or re-entries here; every decision could be a game-changer, so play your cards wisely in a contest that pits strategy against fortune!

Whether you’re a poker veteran or just starting out, you’ll find camaraderie and a dash of friendly competition at The Fort. Join us as the weekend gets rolling for a thrilling game where your fortune can change with a flip of a card.

Game Type: No Limit Hold-em