Game Info

We Spread The Games You Want to Play

We structure our games around what we believe most people want to play. We strive to make The Fort a fun and comfortable environment with the largest game selection in Texas. We are always open to spreading any game at any limit, so if you don’t see your favorite game, ask one of our friendly staff to help generate some interest and get it fired up.

Our most common games include

Pot Limit Omaha
Mix Games

Just some of what make our games so good

Button Straddle – Ultimate Last action
2 Board Bomb Pots
Round for round Mix Games
9-handed table play

Buy-in Info

1-2 Blinds $60 – $300
1-3 Blinds $100 – $1000
2-5 blinds $200 – $1000
1-2-5 blinds $200 – $1000
5-5 blinds and higher – No Max (min varies by game)

** Buy up to 75% of the largest stack on the table (1-3 NLH, 2-5 and higher) **

Tournament Info

Tournaments will change periodically. Please check back here, or call us for more info on changes.

Weekly/Daily Events

5/5 Congress Tuesday And Thursday Evenings

If you like Congress, you won’t want to miss this game. The action is off the hook and there is no cap on the buy-in, ($400 Min). Join us Tuesday and Thursday evenings for a rockin’ good time! Click the button below for a live look at the games running or call us to see what’s being spread.